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Firefox window Scroll Bar under Windows 11 too narrow.

Making moves

I have just updated from WIndows 10 to 11.  I am using Firefox 103.0.1 (16 Bit), updated as well. I think the vertical Firefox windows Scroll Bar, on the right of the window, has been narrowed.

I assumed this was a WIndows 11 thing, and was just about to send off a negative missive to MS, but Edge has a much wider scroll bar, as does Chrome, so it must be a Firefox thing, or Fiefox thing under Windows 11.  Is the width of the vertical Scroll Bar on a Firefox Window customisable, becuase I find it far too thin at the moment (not all firefox users are under 65), and a real pain to use, so much so that if it stays the same I'll have to reluctantly change to using Chrome or Edge, just for the usablility and ergonomics. Thanks.


Making moves

I am also having this problem. It does not occur on all web sites or web applications. However, in many applications the vertical scroll bar is extremely narrow, and in some applications I cannot even see a vertical scrollbar in Firefox, meaning that it is no longer possible for me to do vertical scrolling with my favorite browser. (I do not have this problem in other browsers.)

Notably, an organization I work with requires me to use Outlook webmail to access their email server, but I no longer can see or use the vertical scrollbar in Firefox (but Google Chrome works fine). Some potentially relevant information about this Outlook webmail installation:

  • Outlook Web App experience: Premium
  • Version: 14.3.513.0
  • Exchange Client Access server .NET Framework version: 2.0.50727.8806
  • Client Access server operating system version: Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6003 Service Pack 2
  • Client Access server version:
  • Client Access server platform: 64bit
  • Mailbox server Microsoft Exchange version:

Making moves

In another discussion in this area, I learned that I can get scrollbars back by going to "Visual Effects" in the Accessibility menu in Windows 11 settings, then selecting "Always show scrollbars." That worked!

Awesome find. Thanks!

Thankyou as this worked for me too!

Thank you! This has been bugging me for months!

Making moves

Whoever on Firefox development team that had this "brilliant" (not really) idea should have at least made it not default. I'm just recommending my customers to stop using Firefox because of this.