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Firefox updated and restore some settings

Familiar face

I use the Zorin OS default Firefox version (Ubuntu canonical - 1.0, 64 bit) but after every update it resets some settings (for example, it adds search engines that I removed) and removes Italian (my language setting), who has to fix this? Zorin OS or Mozilla developers?
Schermata da 2022-12-17 17-29-14.png

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I could also see that the drop-down button stays on Download in corso… (Downloading…) even if the language is already downloaded and applied, it doesn't take over than 2 seconds to download a language after all. Anyway, on the next updates I could see that this problem doesn't happen if I download the update and turn off/restart the pc WITHOUT running Firefox. But after another update when I restarted the laptop and opened Firefox the Italian language pack wasn't applied anyway, it's the first time that happened but at this point I'm mocked by the browser, or behaves as it likes. I have an external chat on Zorin Forum about this, Firefox updated and lose my language.