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Firefox Update-Information-Site gets blocked by Avast

Making moves

Hello folks,

just wanted to inform you all:

I started FF just the first time today and obviously there was an update to it so there was the "Perfect, you have the newest version"-start site.
It was suggested to get FF for mobile phones too, with an QR-code.

And there it was, an Avast-Warning!
Sorry, it's in German, but I think, it's self-explaining!



Making moves

Hi from what I can tell, it seems like there might be something else going on - a tab, or extension, tried to visit which is classed as a malware site.  Avast noticed and flagged it up for you.  You may want to check your Firefox installation for anything causing such traffic, like an unknown extension or some application that's hijacking your browser. 

I also suggest using the extension uBlock Origin which would also flag such sites and help protect your browser.

Hello and thank you for replying!

Unfortunately when I started my computer for the day and opened FF, same alarm from Avast jumped up.

I changed nothing between the day before yesterday and yesterday. All was the same like weeks before, only new was the FF-update!

So, it seems to me that definitely something with the FF-update must be wrong.

But I will now switch off all extensions and try again after that.
Also will look into Avast, if they have made an update recently or if there is any mention on something about FF in their forums...