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Firefox Sync does not sync password deletion (keeps deleted passwords)

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I noticed that when I delete a bunch of passwords on one computer, Firefox does not delete them on all other computers after synchronizing. In my Sync settings, Logins and Passwords is switched on, so it should sync...

Is this by design or it's a bug?


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I have the same question.

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Same here, I have to delete everything manually again on my other devices, very frustrating. Password synch is on on all devices

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I have the same problem... Spent half a day finally clearing up my logins on my one machine, now I have all the stuff still on my two others. Very frustrating.

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If there is a worry about users accidentally loosing passwords that they still need, then EITHER:

1. Ask them for confirmation that they want it deleted from all devices, OR

2. Move deleted passwords to some kind of 'trash' folder (maybe only accessible/restorable from "" if that is easier to implement).

I guess that "1" would be much easier to implement, and it would at least be a stop-gap until "2" could be implemented.

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The same, i want delete old password (save with old mail) and the deletion is not syncing

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Based on my understanding of how Firefox's sync works, I believe the following steps should allow the deletion of all unwanted passwords.  BUT I have not tested it, and it is done entirely at your own risk:

1. Make a backup of all your passwords, to ensure you can't accidentally loose all of them.  The safest way to do this would be to make a copy of your whole Firefox profile (which might be huge), although you'll probably only need to restore the tiny "logins.json" file (untested).  If you are unsure about any this, then do NOT go any further!

2. In Firefox on your main device, go to your (Mozilla) Account settings, and find the page where you can "Choose what to synchronise".  Untick "Passwords", and confirm the change.  This should untick it for ALL synced devices.  The end result is your passwords are deleted from the cloud (Mozilla account), but still stored locally on all your devices.

4. Delete all the unwanted passwords from Firefox on your main device.

5. In Firefox on all OTHER devices (that sync to the cloud) you should either:

(a) Delete the same unwanted passwords.  (This is safest, but might be tricky if you deleted a lot of passwords.)

(b) OR instead choose to "Remove All Passwords".  (This should be OK, since the passwords you wanted to keep will be restored later from your main device via a cloud sync.)

6. Finally, in Firefox on your main device, go to your (Mozilla) Account settings, and find the page where you can "Choose what to synchronise".  Re-tick "Passwords".  This should tick it for ALL synced device, causing passwords from each device to be uploaded back to the cloud (and then downloaded back again to each device).

As long as your unwanted passwords were not present on ANY device, they cannot be uploaded to the cloud again, and so won't be downloaded back to any of your devices.

It's ridiculous that this complex work-around is even required, and Mozilla should really look at fixing this properly.