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Firefox Sync does not sync password deletion (keeps deleted passwords)

Making moves

I noticed that when I delete a bunch of passwords on one computer, Firefox does not delete them on all other computers after synchronizing. In my Sync settings, Logins and Passwords is switched on, so it should sync...

Is this by design or it's a bug?


Making moves

I have the same question.

Making moves

Same here, I have to delete everything manually again on my other devices, very frustrating. Password synch is on on all devices

Making moves

I have the same problem... Spent half a day finally clearing up my logins on my one machine, now I have all the stuff still on my two others. Very frustrating.

Making moves

If there is a worry about users accidentally loosing passwords that they still need, then EITHER:

1. Ask them for confirmation that they want it deleted from all devices, OR

2. Move deleted passwords to some kind of 'trash' folder (maybe only accessible/restorable from "" if that is easier to implement).

I guess that "1" would be much easier to implement, and it would at least be a stop-gap until "2" could be implemented.