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Firefox should offer PNG and JPEG from screenshot (macOS)

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A recent convert to macOS, I have been using Firefox's screenshot option and pasting directly into a Microsoft Word document. After a while, I realised that these are being pasted as TIFFs - and are huge compared to JPEG or PNG.

If I choose Paste special, which I had not been doing, I only get offered the TIFF option.

Yet, if I do an macOS screenshot, I see PNG top, then TIFF in the Paste special dialogue. And that means the image is pasted at an acceptable - by default.

For my own use, I can't think of any circumstance in which I would want a TIFF at all, let alone occupying 4 MB compared to a few tens or, at most, hundreds of KB in PNG format.

There is information around about using AppleScript to overcome this. But, as I see it, this is a Firefox issue. And I don't want to implement my own workround which I'll be sure to forget about in future. It would also appear to be at the trivial end of the scale to implement - if I have understood the workrounds.









Hmm, I wonder why.

Are you using the "Copy" button on the overlay that shows the image?


On Windows, when I use that button, Firefox loads the data to the clipboard as "bitmap" data. This is how I see in Word -- not specifying whether it is compressed or not:


If I save the file and open it using a Zip program (.docx is a Zip archive), in the \Word\media folder, I find Image1.png. So either a PNG file was on the clipboard (what I usually expect), or Word compressed it automatically (it's possible this is a setting, but I can't remember).

Perhaps there is a difference between Windows and Mac, but I can't think of a reason for TIFF to be preferred. ??

Could you test something for me:

Instead of using the Copy button, try copying the preview image. Right-click (one button? Ctrl+click) the preview image and choose Copy Image. Does the Paste Special dialog show anything different after that? Mine has a second option for HTML, which Word prefers, but which doesn't work for this image, so don't use that one.

EDIT: Actually this could be a bit faster:

Right-click (one button? Ctrl+click) the preview image and choose Open Image in New Tab. Firefox should specify the format on the tab.


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Thank you for your reply. Yes - I have been using the Copy button.


The preview says (PNG Image, 2486 x 1378 pixels).

Copy Image from that, then attempted Paste Special:

Offers me:

Formatted Text (RTF)

Unformatted Text

HTML Format

Picture (TIFF)

Many years ago, I was aware that Word would convert some/many/all images into PNG format internally. And adopted a process of trying to use PNGs when I was dealing with Word. Clearly that doesn't still happen! If I view the files in Media (within the .docx opened as a zip), I see more or less what I put in - except these dratted TIFFs.


Making moves




I'm puzzled. I wonder whether this is normal on Mac for Firefox users (if so, it's not very helpful).

Now that I know what is happening, at one level, I can at least overcome the issue. But a pain to update some documents which are currently much larger than they need be.

I do think it normal for Firefox on macOS - at least at this release. Just crazy.

And investigation also pushed me to making a key combination to paste unformatted. I chose Option+Command+V - and that is working just fine!