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Firefox scrolling jumps in Facebook

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When scrolling posts on Facebook, there are random jumps up to 6 new posts forward. It is necessary to scroll back and look for the last displayed post (photo, video, txt). It looks like firefox doesn't remember the last displayed position before updating the cache. It is very annoying because there is always a flicker.

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My browser does this too, only it seems to trigger the next loading zone and just keep scrolling unless I can force it up 6-10 posts before it can decide to do it again. I'm about to switch back to Chrome.

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Yeah a post from over a year ago and still not a thing fixed, they blame it on third party add-ins, extensions, and themes anything but their own shoddy programming. Shoddy programming allows third party programs/websites content interaction to misbehave. Half the time all you have to do is nudge the mouse and the content starts bouncing around to the point that you cannot even select content like a form field, scroll content into view, I would blame it on Facebook's programming however it is not just Facebook, it is any and every website.

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I'm on Firefox 119, October 2023, and this problem still persists. I have to use Chrome to get rid of the problem.

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119.0 did not fix an issue causing unexpected jumps in the scroll position on Facebook. I am still experiencing this issue. I tried to fix it by deleting all caches and web data and restarting my device. No result.

Same. It seems the jumping bug on facebook is not fixed for everyone. I'm on 119.0 as well and it's still happening.

I joined this discussion today for the same reason. This has been going on for a least 6 months. Why can't they fix it?

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It is happening even worse, these days I barely could read a post, even LOOK a singles photo, because is in nonstop autoscrolling

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I have used Firefox since it was called Phoenix but I've been using Edge for a year because of this bug. Wanted to use Firefox again so I tried the latest version (119). If anything, it's even worse than a year ago. Ridiculous.

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still facing the jump. Version 120.0


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Fixed the issue on laptops and PCs Windows 7, 10, 11 etc.
Go to Firefox, Settings, Privacy & Security, Clear Data, Clear cashed web content.

p.s. It was better for a while but after that the problem still there. I agree it seems to be a FB problem. As they don't care I open in a new window every post wich seems to be interesting so they can't delete it... 🙂

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Ridiculous, version 121.4. Still jumping and scrolling around like crazy. This seems to be "not going to fix"-issue.

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I'm sure this is a Facebook problem, not a Firefox problem. I've discovered that FB decides it's time to update what's shown & just deletes all of the earlier posts. So if I decide I want to scroll back and see a post I'd read earlier, it's gone. I think that when it does one of its "updates" that's when it jumps down.

That's irrelevant. Facebook and Instagram, where this problem happens, are two of the most used pages on the internet. They have been doing it this way for two years and they are most likely not going to change, and they don't care. The ones suffering are Firefox end users, and Mozilla seing their users switching to other browser because Firefox doesn't work properly on the sites they are using.

The auto feed update is another issue that both facebook and instagram have (in any browse, in any device), and is normal. The auto scroll problem that's happening for more than a year now is when you scroll down the news feed, firefox start to auto scroll like crazy loading a lot of posts and you can't controll that.



In addition, the fixes that were posted months ago in this thread cured, for the most part, all the issues I had.  If folks will read back a number of posts, the fixes are posted.

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Yes,. this is true. I think it's part of the fix for the repeated auto scroll and hopscotch in the feed. Ffx 121.0.1, Mac SONOMA. FWIW, you can just hit refresh or Shift-refresh to reload the top.


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The problem is even worse now. 😞


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The bug is strange as it seems to be fixed one week, then resumes again for no apparent reason. It doesn't seem to be affected by or tied to Firefox updates.

I agree!  The other day it was awful, then one day it worked great and I scrolled and read a lot of posts without any issues, but the next day it was back to awful!  It has been jumping and and jumping and then jumping more, even while I'm trying to scroll back up to see what I've missed.  Facebook is already selective about the posts it shows us, and if it loads these posts but jumps down the screen before we get to read them FB will think we've seen them anyway and never show them in our feed again.

It seems to come and go, which suggests it's not something Ffx ca anticipate or control. Must be something added or dropped in the FB feed from time to time., IMO.

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This problem looked like it had been solved until the latest update. It's now back with a vengeance. Why? Safari doesn't do it...

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This has been going on for nearly a year now!? What gives?

Make that 2 years, wth

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Even I am facing the same issue as @readymatrimony 

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