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Firefox scrolling jumps in Facebook

Making moves

When scrolling posts on Facebook, there are random jumps up to 6 new posts forward. It is necessary to scroll back and look for the last displayed post (photo, video, txt). It looks like firefox doesn't remember the last displayed position before updating the cache. It is very annoying because there is always a flicker.

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Making moves

I've been using F Container for ages; scrolling still jumps.
I've experimented with all four combinations of "Use autoscrolling" and "Use smooth scrolling" on and off, little or no difference, and not a solution.

Making moves

So today, FB isn't autoscrolling on Firefox.  Could be the new version of FF  109.0

It could be that Facebook finally fixed it again.  I didn't notice the problem last night or today, but I wasn't sure I had been scrolling on FB as much, especially last night.  My Firefox was still on 108.0.2 when I checked it a few minutes ago - but when I hit the "about" button it automatically updated so I'm now also on FF 109.

Yup. Fixed again. v 109. Mac Ventura.

Making moves

109.0 (64-bit) Yep

Making moves

That didn't take long, it's back even in FF 109.0

Making moves

I've been getting the same problem, but deselecting Autoscroll & Smooth Scrolling in Settings > General seems to have fixed it.

Making moves

Still not fixed with Firefox Ver. 109.O, only reason I installed Chrome a long time ago. This problem must be too difficult for Firefox engineers to solve. We have has this problem for more then a year.

Making moves

I am going back to Chrome, maybe y'all solve this by June 2023, or not. I guess ads can be blocked via DNS, because seizure-inducing scrolling on one of the most influencial sites on the Web is certainly something I won't be tolerating on my personal computer and on my clients' machines as well.

Making moves

This is so annoying. It had finally seemed fixed a couple of months ago, now it's back for the last few days. It really drives me crazy!

I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Didn't anyone take notes on what the fix was a couple months ago??????

Making moves

This problem is back for me in latest 109 version. Had to revert back to 108.

Making moves

This is still a problem on three different PC's, all with FF v109.   Very frustrating that I have to use MS Edge, which doesn't have the problem, to use Facebook.   Why hasn't this been fixed yet??

Making moves

It's now 2023.  The problem first reported, and seemingly fixed as while ago, is back with a vengeance. It renders FF almost unusable on Facebook.  I much prefer FF to Edge, but I can't put up with this nonsense anymore. There is obviously some recurring communication issue between FF and FB that's been going on intermittently for much too long.  Why hasn't this been fixed?  ☹️  

Making moves

This has been happening to me in Firefox and it is extremely annoying.  It only happens with Facebook.  I think I have finally found the correct settings to get the erratic scrolling to stop.
1. Type "about:config" in the URL bar, press enter and accept the risk.
2. Search for "scroll"
3. Locate "apz.overscroll.enabled" set to "true".
4. Locate "apz.overscroll.max_velocity" set to "1.0" - make sure to click the check mark at the right to confirm the change.
5. Reload Facebook and see if the erratic scrolling stops.

Those FF browser settings did not fix the problem for me, thank you anyway, I reverted the settings back to what they were.

Strange, I made the same changes on other computers and it fixed the problem on all of them.


Making moves

Strange, I made the same changes on other computers and it worked on all of them.

Making moves

Getting worse now, not only does FB just keep scrolling but now when I try to follow a notification to a reply it shows the reply for a second then the whole page moves and closes the part of the thread you were notified about..
You would think it would be in Firefox's best interest to fix this quickly so they stop losing browser market share but here we are. I really don't like using other browsers but this will force me to and lack of any fixes will make me never come back. Pretty sure I'm not alone in that.

People need to start complaining to Facebook. It appears the ball is in THEIR court.

They have made changes to their code which are not compatible with many of the algorithms of Mozilla & Chrome-based browsers. Yes, similar problems do, in fact, exist in Chrome-based browsers on many systems (including mine), although to different degrees, and they do not exist on any other sites I have visited, exclusive to Facebook.

This has to be a 2-way street between the Facebook morons & the browser companies, or it will never get resolved. At this point, everybody complaining loudly to Mozilla, should also be complaining loudly to Facebook; I have.

BTW, although a few of the random issues still exist, the auto-scrolling has ceased completely for the last 2 weeks so far for me. Firefox 109.0.1 & Windows 10

Already sent fb a message about it too.. And mine DID stop auto-scrolling for a couple of days but then went wonky again although it was much worse this time. AND included the notifications that didn't show for more than a second before the whole screen moved and it closed the reply so you would have to open every reply on the thread to find it again.

Making moves

I am using Safari on the mac now when I go to Facebook.  There are some occasional "jumps" but not auto scrolling.  I still use FB for everything else I do on the web.  In my particular situation this works the best for me.

Making moves

It's 2023 and the problem isn't yet solved. This is frustrating!

I've done this is the past about the scrolling as well as some other issues.  They have never listened to me!  I hope they did listen to you and actually fixed it, but it's probably more of a coincidence. Facebook doesn't care about it's users.

Making moves

As the problem still exists on 13/02/2023 I simply give up on this browser and the developers...Not because FB is so important but it shows how skillful and/or interested they are about sorting major bugs

I tried the same thing, (gave up) went to Opera and it does the same thing!!  So I tried Chrome and after 2 weeks it did the same thing!!   Thanks Facebook!! You Suck!!

Familiar face

Mine stopped for a couple of months last year.  Then it was back and got really bad again.  It's still doing it, but not as bad now.  I think it's more of a Facebook issue than Firefox.  Facebook changes something virtually every other day (an exaggeration, but not by much).  The latest big one is how comments in the feed now have to be shown in a pop-up frame in the middle of the screen instead of directly underneath the post.  Plus you have to click an icon instead of the word "Comments."  I'm old and used to words rather than pictures/icons. LOL  A very annoying thing they have done fairly recently is, when you hover over the "like" button to see who has reacted to your post or comment, it no longer shows the list with the newest on top; the list is in some random order.  So when you get a notification that so-and-so and so-and-so-else and three others have "liked" your post, you have to go through the entire list again to see if there's another new one you don't remember seeing before.  But I'm off topic now; rant over.  My point is that Facebook is always messing things up.  Maybe they want us to start using the app in the Windows store.  Maybe Facebook also doesn't like Firefox because of the way FF handles tracking cookies.

Familiar face

Ffx v. 110.0 seems to have fixed it. Includes returning to the right place in the feed after browsing multiple photos in a post. The only drawback is, after long scrolling down, scrolling back up is limited apparently to the most recent load of more posts. Need to refresh page to return to top. I can live with this.

Mac OS Ventura 13.2.1

Not for me, still jumping, maybe even worse.  Same mac and os.

Making moves

Seems to go away if you disable video Autoplay in FB settings.  So there is some issue with FB video autoplay and Firefox browser on the PC.

disabled auto play years ago on the mac, still autoscrolling.

Making moves

I have seen this also in FIrefox 111b4 on Mac.

I think two major revisions ago this seem to be fixed, and it is broken again

I have found two other issue that may also be related to Facebook and buffering.

1) when streaming a live video from Facebook, the video buffers really strangely. What I mean is that the video will pause and stop, and will also slow down and speed up. This makes streaming completely unusable. This has just started in the last few releases. Using another browser (Chrome) on the same source at the same time works just fine. I have a fast enough Mac, and my download speed is close to 1Gbps.

2) I have also noticed that when you turn the sound on (on stored facebook video), there is about a 5 second delay before the sound starts, and then the audio and video are out of sync about 5 seconds. Going back to the beginning of the video sometimes helps it get synchronized again.

I wonder whether all three of these things are all related

-) Facebook Original photos and text getting buffered and jumping ahead

-)Facebook streaming with large lags and speedup/slowdown when live streaming

-) Facebook - Turning on sound and streams start out of sync after a delay to start the audio.

Making moves

When I visit Facebook, I like to start by scrolling down my current page with friends' posts etc. When I try it on Firefox, it jumps all over the place, I think when new items get loaded onto the page. It usually jumps down half a dozen items, then when I scroll back to find where it's supposed to be it waits until it's almost there then jumps down again, usually about 3 times. Firefox is great for everything else I do, but I have to keep Safari on my dock for Facebook; it doesn't jump at all.

Making moves

OMG it has been half a year and this major bug still exists in FF... as a web developer myself, heads would have been rolling in my company if such a bug wasn't fixed within DAYS!

I agree 100%. However, It's still my contention that the main problem was created by Facebook & the ball is in their court. I have seen this "repaired" by Mozilla at least 3 times, only to find that Facebook made new changes reigniting the issues again. It's almost as if they are allegedly on purpose, countering the repairs. And a couple of the garbage issues are reproducible in Edge and Chrome, also, so the source is definitely coming from the Facebook code

Making moves

I had a wonderful week and a half of no scrolling and bang....all of a sudden it started again!! Frrustrated.


Making moves

I suggest blaming Facebook for poor site design (which is pretty bad), and every time it happens just leave the FB site. They might feel it's important if people stop using their site. Facebook users are the product being sold, and no one cares what the product thinks....until you make it really clear you won't put up with it.

Making moves

I just posted a new topic, since this is not only on Facebook. Please have a look: 

Familiar face

New feature in FB. When you click "Most Recent," The layout changes and, so far, scrolling appears normal. No jumps, no stutters. Fingers crossed.

When scrolling in the default FB feed order (i.e., not "Most Recent,") I see an occasional halt when it needs to buffer more data, but no jumps. Fingers twice crossed (but wary of another double-cross).