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Firefox opens up slowly

Making moves

I have noticed since the last  number of updates, that Firefox (now at 99.0.1) is very slow and opens up a number (7) of subs in the task manager.

It is very slow to start, while in the past it would be the fastest browser going.

I have started using Edge more, since it does not have these problems.


Making moves

Même problème, il lui faut une dizaine de secondes pour se charger.

Making moves

Same issue here, it was very slow to launch with version 99, rolled back to version 98, it launches instantly. I'm using Windows, something is wrong with version 99.

Making moves

C'est le même problème pour moi aussi, je dois attendre environ 1 minute pour chargement de la page d'ouverture, ensuite ça fonctionne normalement. Tellement frustrant, que je me sens obligé d'utiliser Chrome pour accéder rapidement aux courriels. Firefox version 103.0

Pareil pour moi depuis des années et même versions récentes... cela semble provenir des bookmarks, dès qu'ils sont réimportés même avec nouveau profil ça recommence...

Making moves

115.0.02 First off, this new system of having to get an email  then clicking a link is too much a pain in the ass. It's TOO SLOW because my FF has slowed right down and Gmail takes over a MINUTE to open, and just as long TO OPEN A BLOODY MAIL! Pisses me off no end that FF is this slow.

Another problem: pages re-setting after loading, particularly news sites. At page will load, I'll page-down on it, begin reading, then the bloody page  returns to the frigging TOP OF  THE PAGE and I have to page-down AGAIN! Idiocy!

Thirdly, arrow up or down: instead of 'grabbing the page,' it meanders down the page, skipping over other links and photos to a point where it FINALLY DECIDES TO GRIP THE PAGE AND MOVE IT DOWNWARDS, SAME WITH UP MOTIONS. I don't know what these clowns have been doing with this thing but it's NOT efficient anymore, it's a pain in the ass!!! Don't tell me to reset; I DESPISE having to re-add all of my addons after that process. UH UH, NO WAY. Fix the bloody browser!!!

Making moves

There are no firefox guys here for the support ?

here is my profiler startup file, can someone see it to solve this problem ? 1mn to start firefox !