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Firefox needs update to adress its consumption of resources !

Making moves

I'm being forced to change to chrome (unwillingly) due to limited resources on a windows 10 PC (8GB Ram), because while using Firefox the amount of memory used is far superior than that of chrome.

It will lead many to drop firefox...




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Use the Troubleshooting Information page to help fix Firefox issues
Memory Use: Clicking on about:memory will take you to a page that shows memory usage. For more information, see this blog post

Enter in Firefox address bar about:memory
Click on the Measure button

Additional information
If you wish, study Firefox Profiler

None of the patronising and somewhat insulting 'advice' provided by Mozilla helps. Dismantling ones configuration of add-ons and extensions because Firefox cannot be bothered to manage computer resources efficiently is not the answer. What would help is if Mozilla finally fixed the memory leak which their software has suffered from for more than a decade. I have just spent an hour trying to kill off a set of rogue Firefox processes having left my machine for an hour or so.  Firefox for whatever reason gorged itself on around 20GB of memory virtually hanging my machine when the machine was not in use even. There is no excuse for that sort memory usage nor the perpetual spawning of ever more processes (I've had over 100 hundred spawned before despite having less than half that number of tabs open). Its programming of the most incompetent sort and if they don't fix it ultimately Firefox will become a thing of the past. What astonishes me most of all is that they continue to prevaricate and obfuscate about these issues despite them being the worst and longest outstanding issues with their software. It is the height of arrogance that they continue to ignore these problems.