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Firefox mobile- bookmarking frustration

Making moves

 Often when I go to bookmark a page by tapping the star I will be just a little off with my aim and will instead be presented with the bookmarks menu instead. This resets the current bookmarks folder back to the default Bookmarks one so I have to try again and set the folder I want again. This is very frustrating. Am I the only person who has this problem? Thank you for any insight into this.


Making moves

Firefox bookmark design is a giant pile of suck. They actually have “Desktop Bookmarks” and “Mobile Bookmarks” folders. Like I remember where I bookmarked something? And you can’t even put all bookmarks in the top level folder on desktop and see them in the top level folder on mobile BECAUSE THE FOLDERS ARE DIFFERENT.

And the start page. you put every useless thing on it BUT YOU can’t SHOW YOUR BOOKMARKS.

Firefox is literally worse every time I decide to try it again. You can only skate by with “we’re not google” so much. At some point you need to provide a browser that doesn’t suck. instead of trying to copy Chrome’s features, copy Safari’s.

Making moves

Love Firefox. BUT mobile bookmarks implementation is deplorable. Mozilla should be embarrassed.