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Firefox memory

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Periodically Firefox increases it's memory usage and becomes unresponsive. I have seen usage up to 10,000 MB I then have to End task it and restart. I then works fine until the next time. I have run without add-ons and with a new profile and it does not make a difference.


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For this and many other problems, it is always a good idea to specify the Firefox version (if not the latest) and the operating system.

The account signature makes this easier. I am surprised that it is not used much on this site.

Firefox 99.0 (64 bits) under Linux Mint 20.3 - Mate 1.26.

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Firefox 99.0b2 on windows 10 pro 21H2

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i use latest release 98.0.1 (64 bits) and i have also memory problem

3 actives tab but 11 process,

i restart the pc => nothing change always 11 process ?


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Same issue here, any solution?

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Thanks It is nice to know that I'm not alone.

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Firefox 98~99 X64 on windows 10 pro 21H2

uBlock Origin+AdBlocker Ultimate+NoScript

web page delayed memory surge (mem:24g up / cpu:30~60)


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The problem is even worse on Mac and Linux PC.

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Version 99.1
5 Tabs open
17 processes
4K+ MBs Memory used
After closing browser it took 5 minutes for all processes to close.
24 year user
Brave here I come.

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Firefox 100.0 on windows 11 21H2

Only 2 tabs opened, over 28GB memory used.

It's definitely memory leak!

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Don't expect anything amazing from non-enthusiastic (far from passion, close to money) company. It's just... ignorant? naïve, unrealistic.

Enjoy what you have.

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Since a while I'm having the same problem: Firefox eats up all available memory and becomes unresponsive, even when idling! Only killing from Task Manager and restarting helps -- until it becomes frozen again after a short while.
OS: Windows 11, Firefox 101.0

Increasing Memory ConsumptionIncreasing Memory ConsumptionFirefox Process ThreadsFirefox Process Threads

This problem seems to pop up after recent updates... I am using build 101.0.1 64-bit on Windows.  If you keep the Firefox running for a while, it will just increase the memory usage to a level became totally non-responsive.  Every time, I had to use Task Manager to kill it. 

What is going on?  This has been a few months now... what was the technical cause?  When this will be fixed?

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Fire fox 101.0.1, MacOS 10.15.7

this is horrible on Mac/Linux. If I kill "Firefox Isolated Web Content" processes that seem to accumulate, especially after laptop sleeps, it clears up. Only a few kill current tabs, so these processes are danging out there taking up resources, slowing everything down and preventing Firefox from running tabs correctly.

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At this point, I am switching back to BRAVE browser.  I went to this other browser months ago and it doesn't chew up the memory, like Firefox does.  I've used Firefox for years (yes, I have the latest updates) and Firefox is too much of a memory hog. It isn't my computer, as Brave I have no issues with. 😞

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I think Firefox's high RAM consumption is a problem for me too, but that's because I only have 8GB of RAM on my PC. I feel that typical claims about this are exaggerated.

I have a 16G HD and everything on my Win10 is super fast otherwise.  It is definitely a Mozilla issue.


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FF version, 103.0.1 (64-bit) on Windows 11

FF sucks up GBs of memory and becomes unresponsive, even to quit, have to ENDTASK 😞

Please fix the memory and CPU over-consumption issue, seems to be there for 10 years+.


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104.0b6 (64-bit) Windows 10. Same here. I've had it a few times recently. Am on the beta channel as usual. I notice when sites stop loading. I use a lot of pinned tabs and usually a number of other ones as well.

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This is still an issue [v107.0.1]. Same number of tabs and opened fresh after shutting down Firefox. 10.7 GB !!!!! and in Microsoft Edge 02.1 GB. What could you possibly need an extra 08 GB for? What? I have been using Firefox since I think before 1.0 but this is crazy. Even with 32GB it does not make sense. 7 youtube tabs and 2 web page tabs.

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Wow, I just got a badge!



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I guess by all the posts that it won't matter, but...

Firefox 109.0.1 (32-bit) memory increases to the point of crashes, one submitted a few days ago.

Does this look right?


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Just piling on to this thread since it's the most recent one I can find. I'm having the same re-occurring issue here:

- Firefox has random bursts of being hungry for RAM seemingly out of the blue. This has happened on two otherwise very capable machines.

- The screenshot below is on my brand new top of the line M2 MAX 16inch MBP with 96GB of RAM. I use an app called "Memory Clean" to keep track of performance, and with only Firefox and Mail apps open, Firefox suddenly got laggy, popped the famous color wheel replacing the cursor, and Memory Clean was showing ONLY 6GB of RAM AVAILABLE what the hell!

- The screenshot is after doing a "memory clean", said app freed up roughly 20GB of RAM, and still showed Firefox as using a whopping 51GB of RAM. I did have about 30 tabs open but that's never been an issue before this started happening fairly recently. Seriously what's up with this?

- First time I experienced this a few times was with my previous laptop over the last couple months, a 15inch 2017 2.9GHz intel quadcore i7 with 16GB of RAM, and the behaviour was the same observed through the same app. About 12 tabs open at the time. It just keeps going eating all the available RAM, whether you have 4GB or 16 or 96GB of RAM.

(Both times on most recent versions for either system on Mac OS Ventura 13.0 and 13.2 - FFox V 109.0.1 64-bit)

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 21.08.03.png

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Having memory issues 113.0.1 (64-bit) on Windows 10H (10.0.19044 Build 19044).

Over time memory usage keeps increasing even if only a single tab is open. Eventually FF becomes unresponsive but keeps chewing memory. Only way to resolve is to kill via Task Manager. Afterwards, the problem seems to be much accelerated. Is there some issue with the latest MS update? I am speculating but think that is when the issue kicked in.

Have just re-installed FF from fresh download and crossing my fingers that on top of the latest MS will solve issue. If this doesn't solve it, after many years will need to move to other browser as can't afford to keep losing my work.

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New year new hope they WILL finnaly add memory limitation As Yea its YEARS since we all have EAT ALL FREE Memory with FireFox we are all ready at version 121.0 and NOTHING CHANGED NOTHING.

GREAT support no word lest to say.


I think instead of doing all these, it might be just easier to migrate to Chrome (a frustrated FFx user)

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10000MB only? Mine was 36G!