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Firefox is becoming more, and more obsolete with each "upgrade"!!!

Making moves

Firefox was already incapable of tracking on the FedEx website. I just upgraded to 111.0 (64-bit), and now I can't log in to my Allstate Insurance website. It says,
"Browser alert

You may not be able to use certain My Account features on your current browser. For the best experience, consider using the latest versions of Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge."
Add this latest problem to forced double-spacing my bookmarks.
This is sad. Firefox seems to be going the way of Netscape, becoming more obsolete with each update. What are the developers thinking? The upgrades are forcing me to seriously consider using a different browser as my primary.

Making moves

Same experience and issues here.  I also unfortunately 'upgraded' to 111.0 and it is horrible.  Sluggish performance, high cpu usage, some website pages hang for 30 sec before being responsive again.  And, can't log in or use certain website form features.  Pretty sad how the functionality just keeps getting worse while the browser gets more bloated.

Agree that this is rapidly going down the path into oblivion and we'll soon have to change to a different browser since this just simply isn't working.

Same issues. This latest release is just horrible. Way too many sites not functioning to spend my time reporting them all... and I don't see any comments on the issues from the developers/employees.

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If you keep finding broken sites, this is likely because of one of your extensions or settings. Try Troubleshoot Mode.

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Please use this form to report sites that don't work properly on Firefox:

Making moves

Agree, more and more sites are becoming where you cannot even sign in or if you do get in you are unable use certain features. I have been using Firefox for many years, it use to be great, now it just sucks. I am being pushed to using Microsoft Edge as my primary browser.

Making moves

I think there are many of us wanting to leave, mee too.

I have performance issues too, but thought, this would be my computer.


Making moves

I am so tired after every update something get slow or stop working.

Since update a few weeks ago I cant click links in g search results, some other sites working poorly.

Really do not want to sit and waste more time reading "how to fix".... it is like if I buy a car and it doenst work... should I start look for fix??

but firefox is free..... if I give someone an ICE CREAM and it turns out to be a cement block...... U get the point???

Gonna work 100% chrome now:(