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Firefox Incompatibility

Making moves

After the latest update, Firefox will no longer allow the US Bank web site to function.  It will allow it to get past the login/password/authentication stage, but will not display anything after that.

Edge (ugh) works fine and so at this point, I'm forced to use it to get online with US Bank

Has anyone else experienced this?   Is there a flag that either I set or was set inadvertently by Mozilla that could have caused this issue?

Yes, I have written to US Bank to get their take on it, too.  I suspect it will end up with a giant finger pointing exercise, with each organization blaming the other for the issue.   Personally, I am totally disinterested in assigning blame........just in being able to use my favorite browser for US Bank again.

Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide me.




Making moves

There is a trend for more websites to be only fully compatable with Chrome-based browsers, like Edge. This is becoming more of a factor as time goes on.  Firefox needs to start addressing that or they are going to lose users.

Two other sites that do not function with Firefox but do with Edge: refuses logins--puts them in an endless processing loop when attempted. returns a blank page

US Bank admitted the incompatibility.    They did not attempt to assign blame, but instead said that their programmers are working on resolving the issue.    Whether that level of urgency is reality, I don't know.

I wonder what it is that Firefox does that makes their browser incompatible with various sites.  Clearly with a gazillion lines of code, it's possible to end up with something that breaks certain sites.

At this point, Mozilla has not responded to me.   It's disappointing to have them ignore the issue....or at least my mentioning of the issue.

Until the resolution by US Bank takes place, I'm stuck using Edge

Hey there @gh! Unfortunately, it's surprisingly difficult for us to get in touch with most banks, as we're not customers. Can you please send me an email to I'd love to have a private chat with you about some details, and maybe we can use your existing conversations with them to figure out a solution.

Making moves

Firefox is no longer fully compatible with: a. Bank of America credit card website; b Schwab banking credit card website; c: Citi credit card website. Chrome works for all of the above.

Making moves

I experienced the same login difficulty with a different bank's website until I I exited Firefox Private Mode. Firefox-->Tools-->Settings-->Privacy & Security-->History -->uncheck the Always Use Private Mode setting and restart Firefox.