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Firefox for iOS is extremely mediocre and desperately needs an ad-blocker!

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I am extremely disappointed with Firefox for iOS.

The browser is barebones, does not block any ads whatsoever, and makes the browsing experience horrendous. I do not understand why Mozilla bothers with this browser, taking into account that it is clearly not receiving any attention. The most common trope on this topic is that Firefox for iOS is mediocre due to Apple restrictions, but this is an utter lie. You just have to look at what other companies offer to realize the WebKit excuse is not valid:

  • Brave: Several features including an ad blocker and background YouTube audio.
  • Edge: Option to install Adblock Plus plus several more features.
  • Vivaldi: Adblocker plus more.
  • Arc Search: Adblocker on release day.
  • Orion: More extreme case, can install extensions from the Firefox and Chrome stores.

The most requested feature for Firefox has been to incorporate a native ad blocker, yet Mozilla has ignored it for years. I would just like to know what’s going on.