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Firefox for Enterprise File Naming and Version Conventions

Making moves

Four things That all need to happen that would make Firefox Enterprise infinitely more useful for Admin Deployments...

1. Simplify the enterprise download page so we don't have to scroll as much through it to get to the download links.

  • The Section in the middle that's just advertising propaganda can be removed completely.

2. Provide the current version number on the Enterprise Download Page itself so we don't have to actually download an installer to find out what version you're providing currently.

3. Stop releasing the Install packages with the version number in the installer filename.

  • FirefoxEnterprisex64.msi instead of Firefox98.0.2.msi for 64-bit.
  • FirefoxEnterprisex86.msi instead of Firefox98.0.2.msi for 32-bit.
  • etc...

4. Make the File Version for Firefox.exe Match the Product Version.

  • Firefox.exe File Version 98.0.2 instead of

These Changes would lessen the time and logic required to deploy, install, and cleanup your product installers network-wide. They would also reduce confusion as to which architecture version of the installers are currently in use for a deployment.

Please Reference the following when creating your Website and Packages. Thanks!