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Firefox doesnt not allowing copy and paste

Making moves

Firefox doesnt not allowing copy and paste.

I am using and opening console.

whenever I try to copy any text from my console its not allowing me to do in Firefox but if I use Microsoft edge it works fine.


Making moves

Same here Mozilla no copy and paste. But Microsoft Edge works fine, come on Mozilla fix this please !!!

They still haven't fixed it, the temporary solution is to constantly clear your history. I am sadly about to delete Mozilla Firefox goto the Darkside(Microsoft Edge)

Me too. Getting help is a maze of confusion. Wish there was a stable platform to use a computer. Everything is so glitchy. Every Windows and Firefox update always breaks something and you have to spend hours upon weeks searching for a solution. The techs that try to help are clueless or too complex. Hard to believe the level of gaslighting with tech issues.

Making moves

Also broken for me. Unusable currently



Making moves

Does anyone know when this will be fixed???

Familiar face

Try CTRL+C and CTRL+V they are universal so they will probably work.

Making moves

CTRL+C/V do not work. Microsoft clipboard is broken and will only copy and paste sporadically, requiring constant cache clearing.