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Firefox customization for user preferences

Making moves

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could help me with tips, add-ons, or tools for Firefox to customize it in a way that works similarly to the workspaces offered by the Opera browser. These are spaces that you create on the Opera sidebar that allow you to organize different groups of tabs per space all within the same window, or without having to open several windows if you wanna work on different groups of stuff (I'll copy the link to the spaces site below), and just helps keep your access to the web really simple, easy and organized. HOWEVER, Opera uses up huge amounts RAM to function, and the spaces make it worse, which isn't a problem with Firefox.

I tried using the the Tree style tab for Firefox but it's way too complicated and cumbersome, and it also hides a lot of the tabs you're using which is no good for my ADHD brain.

Does anyone know of another way to customize the Firefox user interface so it can resemble the spaces on Opera in the easiest simplest way?


Familiar face

Vivaldi and Edge also have workspaces. Vivaldi is the closest to what you formulate. Can't say how it compares to Opera in terms of memory usage, or how its workspaces compare to Vivaldi, since I'm not an Opera user for a long time.

You have Simple Tab Groups(STG), Tree Tabs(TT) ( not a typo - similar name ), Tiled Tab Groups(TTG) and others.

I'd recommend STG or TTG plus using at the same time some addon like Tab Sidebar ( with CSS styling within its settings page ).

Or you could simply use TT.