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Firefox: common functions across iOS, Android, Linux, Windows i.e. bookmark export/import

Making moves

Dear all,

in the last 10 years I have noticed that the development of Firefox across the various OSs has reached an annoying branch of different behaviours for the same functions.

In my case this is about the management of bookmarks.

Whereas under Windows and Linux I find a common way to manage those Android and especially iOS lack functionality.

I would like you to implement the bookmark management dialogue in Android and iOS similiar to the one on Windows and Linux: a separate window where I can re-arrange the bookmarks, create, modify and delete them with the same look&feel. Further - like Windows and Linux - an export/import functionality is needed.

This export/import should take place under iOS and Android in the "Download" file area which can be accessed by - to my knowledge - all programs which can transfer data.

I know that a Mozilla account with sync-functionality allows the same but since you pledge to be secure I would like you to re-think about this possibility since this is an - from my point of view - external place I have no control about.

Discussion open...

Kind regards,

Alexander De Bernardi


Making moves

I agree, bookmark sorting is highly important. And even more important is a possibility for offline backups of bookmarks - being it in the downloads folder or a user-decided folder.