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Firefox - Android - Titles in Tab not showing correctly

Making moves

I posted this as a bug but it was closed due to this being an issue with Fenix / Android on stable as originally I thought this issue was in result to the new nav strip on Firefox Nightly. You can see these same sites have a Title issue inside the grid when viewing all tabs. It's more noticeable now with the new nav strip incoming.  When you click a link inside certain sites, you just see the URL in title on tab, rather then then appropriate title. This a lot of times is fixed if you reload the page, but never appears correct the first time you load it.  




Hi @Kaoxt , could you share the link to the bug that was closed out? We do already have one on file for this bug (1821579), but I'd like to link yours to this one so that we can keep track of them all.

-Jonathan A