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Firefox 108 - Search box in Tab bar effectively disables tab management

Making moves

Firefox 108 on Windows 10

Prior to 108 I had the Search box in the topmost "bar", next to the Tabs. Its width would adapt to the number of tabs in use: few tabs, wide Search box, many tabs, narrow Search box (with a reasonable minimum search box width). This was an elegant way to make full use of the top bar.

With 108.0: if the Search box is in the same bar as the tabs:

  • It goes to "maximum" width
  • This forces tab management to be absolute minimum width. The tab scroll left/right arrows appear, and between them is a strip about 3 or 4 pixels wide which shows the current tab, and is so narrow it's almost impossible to click on
  • In this condition tab management is effectively disabled/useless

I use tabs and the Search box as the 2 top functions in Firefox. As a workaround for now I've moved the Search box into the 2nd bar from the top, next to the URL box. Not ideal as it's much smaller than it used to be.

I for one would like the pre-108.0 functionality restored, or at least available as an option.


Making moves

I have the exact same issue. With the difference that I don't use the Google Search box, but I search in the URL box.

Also my tabs are hidden between 2 arrows, After installing 108.0. My Chrome.css isn't working anymore.

What can I do to fix this, so I can get the order of    URL bar / Bookmarks  /  Tabs  ?

Do you have *anything* in the Tab "bar"? I only tried the Search bar (which was there pre-108 for me). If you remove anything you may have in there, do your tabs return to normal (or at least useable)?

Making moves

Yes, I have many tabs open in the tab bar. When I remove them, they won't return to normal.

For now I have fixed this problem to make some changes to my userchrome file. This works well again, the only 'bug' what is left is that I can not change the width of the tabs in the about:config.

Hi! What code do you have in your userchrome that helped you for the most part with this issue? I can't find any solutions anywhere.  Thanks!!