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False Firefox Update.

Making moves

Just started, whenever I now go to a website using Firefox, I get "using an older version of Firefox and need to update".  When I start the download it shows something different, example OBS Studio, not firefox?  States publisher is some company never herd of,  I would NOT allow it to make changes to my computer, stopped it twice before it began to install.  Checking my Firefox Help, it states I am running the latest verson, and when I went to and had it check for my version and it stated have the current version.  I cannot browse with firefox as I keep getting need new version of firefox?  Should I allow it to make the changes?  Is this approved by Mozilla/Firefox?   Thanks in advance.

When posted how do I find it ti see replies?  Where do I go, do I get notified when there is a reply?  Thanks again.


Making moves

I have not received any replies to my question, is there any support from Firefox/Mozilla?  Thanks This is the screen that first pops up, then wants me to down load something different. 
Firefox Update.png