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Ending support for Firefox on Windows 7 --

Making moves

While I understand you don't want to spend money/resources on "dying" operating  systems, it seems that anyone suggesting a Windows 7 user upgrade to a different Windows product is nothing more than a shill for Microsoft.  Why not suggest switching to Linux or Apple?

When my Windows machine(s) die, I am switching entirely to Ubuntu.  I currently have a Linux machine running Ubuntu 20.4.

Frankly, I don't see myself ever upgrading a Windows product.

Just my two cents.





When Windows XP was at a similar stage, there were numerous articles helping Windows XP users figure out which Linux distro would provide the easiest migration path. Do those types of articles already exist for Windows 7? It could be helpful to add to the support article for next Summer-Fall when the Extended Support Release of Firefox 115 reaches its end of life.