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don't reinvent what's already there, but promote the real strenghts of TB

Making moves

Hi all,

my name's Chris and I've been using Firefox and Thunderbird for around 20 years now, I'm using the portable apps versions and a ton of add-ons to make these programs the best possible experience for me.

In my opinion, that is the big strength of TB - the community and the add-ons provided by it, although that's exactly why you almost lost me with Quantum ... - Let's not talk about it ... 🤐

So, why reinvent the wheel and integrate what's already there? You're going to punch the addon devs in the face (again!!!, but let's not talk about it ... 🤐), and also it seems unnecessary to me.

So, let me try to help you 😅

On the first start ask the user what kind of user he is - his general experience, style preferences, other services in use that should be connected (calendars, cloud storage, translations, chatGPT, etc ...)
Then recommend the installation of matching add-ons with the push of a button, but show the screenshots and description of what to expect.

But don't restrict that to the first start, but always promote your biggest strength, your community add-ons! You're doing a bad job on this!

My personal Firefox and Thunderbird are as cool as can be, but that took me a lot of time to search for the best add-ons and to extend the functionality so much, that every other program can't compete anymore. I do not know any other people who would invest that much time, they simply don't know about the features, or if they do then they don't want to spend hours integrating them. So, give them a hand, and show them how cool TB can be!

Just one example of how bad you promote your biggest strengths:

Only 2 weeks ago, Microsoft proudly announced the integration of chatGPT into future versions of Office ...
Guess what - TB already has it, via a community addon existing since January (!!!)
How did Mozilla promote that? - Oh no, they didn't, pity... 😒

Strengthen the community, promote their work, and show users of all kinds how to make TB better than the competitors! - That's my speech for the year and I'm out ...

Best regards and much love,


Making moves

Sounds real!!