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Don't become Google Chrome

Making moves

Recent updates seem to try changing Firefox functionality so that former Google Chrome useres find what they are used to.

However I, same as many other Firefox users, choose firefox because I prefer Firefox functionality over Chrome functionality.

Please add a way for users to opt-out of such changes so that users who already used Firefox for a long time still get the features they are used to. If Firefox becomes the same as Google Chrome, there no longer is a reason for me to use Firefox.


Familiar face

I agree that Firefox should not dump it's exclusive workflow to mimic Chrome, but even if that were the worst case scenario, I can think of multiple other reasons to use Firefox.

1. It is based on the Gecko engine instead of Chromium, an outlier in a marketplace dominated by Chromium

2. It offers superior extension support than Chromium (including Ad-Blockers like uBlock Origin)

3. Contrary to popular belief, Firefox and Mozilla do indeed support and encourage a free and private internet, unlike Chrome and Edge which are indifferent to any policies other than hedgeonomy for their respective environments.

In any case, if worst comes to worst the browser of choice I'll probably switch to is Vivaldi, but the "worst" scenario for me isn't so much Firefox losing it's identity, but Firefox ceasing to exist altogether.

If you develop a product to mimic another product soon there is effectively only one product and soon enough only the dominant one remains. Individuality is important.