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Disjointed Firefox; please unify!

Making moves

So I just wanted to leave a bit of feedback, hopefully it gets looked at more seriously & in a quicker manner.
I currently have Firefox installed across three radically-different devices, four if I decide to go iOS for a day or two:

- Desktop
- Android
- iPad

And I now notice that each and every one of them either has a good thing or two missing from the others, or a good thing or two that the others have. If those two things sound the same then welcome to a "Chipsthe1st" post! That's just how my brain works. ANY way...

I noticed that Desktop Firefox has Containers, which is Mozilla's take on Grouped Tabs if I'm correct. This is just from a quick try-out and for the most part, that's what I gathered from using it. Unfortunately, Android nor iPad OS has this feature.
Going to the Android Firefox, I see here that it has a feature I would most like More browsers to have: Collections! And it is exactly how [Microsoft] Edge has implemented it, as well as Opera GX recently done (called "Pinboards"). It's a feature I used a LOT once I really got what it was intended for, which is collecting a group of similar sites or "ideas" and saving them for later. That said...why is it ONLY on Android (And in extension, iOS)??? A GRAND feature like this deserves to be shared across all of the Firefox network otherwise, it makes Edge worth sticking to. (Edge has it so that you can access your Collections across ALL of your devices, in case to need a certain Collection of tabs, hence the name).
Finally, iPad OS' Firefox is...well, very vanilla. Not much going on here except it wishing it had one of the prior features above. If anyone's discovered anything special about this one, please shoot me a heads-up.

It just feels weird that Firefox is one of those browsers I can't seem to get out of my head, no matter how many times Chrome introduces this "neat new feature" like grouping tabs on mobile, or Edge finally fixes their Collections to sync properly across devices. For some reason, Chromium just gets same-y after awhile and I end up seeking that freedom from those browsers altogether. Enter Mozilla Firefox.
Honestly if Mozilla could bring a bit more singularity between their browsers across the network of devices and OSes, I might finally have found a home. (And I'll stop turning the other cheek towards Chromium once and for all!)


Making moves

Oh shoot! I did notice one more thing after posting!

- Desktop Firefox also introduced "Firefox View" which looks to make getting tabs from one device to another easier to do. Kinda curious if this will be akin to Opera's "My Flow" or Edge's "Drop" feature, though it is a stretch, to say the least. But once again, it isn't present anywhere else but Desktop. Maybe it'll take time, though.