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Design of the new TB Beta release 112.0b1 (32-bit)

Making moves

Dear TB Folks,
I'm a Beta user to test new releases ahead of others.
I just downloaded the TB Beta 112.0b1 (32-bit).

While the new release is accommodating for high customisation, there are some embedded features that used to be in and that now disappeared:
1/ The status bar at the bottom that was showing the number of e-mails per folders
2/ The Window bar on the top that could be hidden and that now appears at all times

While high customisation for various users could be handy at points, there are some features that were very useful (especially for laptop users with small screens) and that would be great to insert back.

As for the views density, it was also well-balanced before but now, in compact mode, the e-mail pane appears to compact and unreadable, while in Default mode, the folder pane appears too loose. Can this be rectified too?

Thanks again TB teams for the great work!