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delete all cookies | whitelist all sub adresses? (*

Making moves

hej, i wondered if there is the posibility to use "*" for whitelisted domains. like https://* 
couldn't find anything to it, if there is, please link it 🙂

when whitelisting or it just whitelists youtube ofc.. if i add https://* - * it doesn't work at all for, why would i want this? there are some sites whit multiple sub domains, and whitelisting each of them can not only get annoying, but also the list gets bigger and harder to organize?



At some point, Firefox switched from a host name list where you could use a wild card to a principal list (protocol + hostname) that ignores wildcards. I don't know whether it is possible to change how principals are interpreted to allow wildcard characters again. ??

Regarding how it works now, I think success/failure with the base domain depends on how the site specifies the domain when it sets the cookie. If the sites always specifies the base domain across all the subdomains, then you only need the one exception for the base domain. However, many sites are not that consistent and may use a mix of domains for their cookies.

You actually can see which domains they specify by opening the Storage Inspector (Shift+F9) when you're on the page. I can't remember which columns appear automatically, but you can select the columns by right-clicking any existing column heading and clicking in the pop-up list. On this page, for example, I see many cookies on and many cookies on So probably two exceptions are needed in this case.

alright my sanity is done for now..
looks like just youtube dot com did the job without the dot at the beginning.. even on music dot youtube
idk why and how but before it didn't saved the cookies on music yt ._.?

i tested trough and it was annoyin'

Shift + F9 is nice 2 know, tysm~ 👌🏻

EDIT: " see many cookies on and many cookies on So probably two exceptions are needed in this case." so also probaly wouldn't work for **bleep** this would exactly be this what i want to achieve, whitelist "" or "*" so i don't need to list "" 🤣