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Deeply disappointed in features

Making moves

Some time ago, Mozilla discontinued PWAs... claiming not enough people used those. Now, Mozilla keeps ignoring a lot of people asking for tab grouping feature other modern browsers have. What makes me quite angry is the recent update of Firefox View. We have been talking about it on Reddit, and neither I nor other people seem to be using it, not even opening it ONCE. And we are talking about PWAs not having enough users to implement it? So how does such a useless feature as Firefox View get attention, and not, say tab groups? It saddens me - Firefox was an innovator a decade ago, a tool that showed others how it is done. And now? it lacks essential features every major browser has? I Like Firefox, but it's hard to stick with it when developers are focusing on wrong features all the time.

Take this as feedback of a single user, since I got a pop-up to leave my feedback while checking Beta release notes. Maybe I am in the minority and out of touch, but previous discussions I had don't indicate it's the case. So yeah, tab groups, I think we need them, as people who work with a lot of tabs - programmers/researchers, we constantly group data.


Making moves

agreed. Developer navel-gazing is a common problem: sure whatever new feature they introduced is neato from a coding perspective, maybe, but they ought to be writing for users, not to impress other developers