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Current update resets browser windows size when opening

Making moves

This is kinda of a weird one but whenever I start Firefox now (using the current update 99.0.1 on Windows 10), it doesn't remember the size of my browser window and resets to a smaller one. I have to manually resize my window each and every time I open Firefox, which never happened before.

Is this just a glitch or is anyone able to replicate this?



I have Firefox set to restore my previous session at startup, so I'm not sure what is normal for when you have Firefox set to show your home page. One possible reason for windows to be a "standard" size (rather than a size you used previously) is if you enable the privacy.resistFingerprinting feature.

Oh! I just enabled that setting after reading on some privacy stuff. Didn't realize it would cause the browser to behave that way. Do you know if there's a way to set a new "standard" size for the browser to default to? Or is it something just ingrained in the software?

Thanks for the reply!

I think resistFingerprinting has some notion of typical sizes built in. However, I don't use the feature myself so I don't know whether it is configurable in a relevant way.

Some time ago, for reasons I don't fully remember, I created an add-on that lets you set a preferred size for new windows. In case you want to take a look: