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Making moves

Downloaded version 115.0.3esr so that I could continue to use Firefox.  (I do not want to upgrade to Win11) However, it is unstable and crashes on various websites.  It keeps asking me if I want to accept cookies, and then will not recognize that I have accepted them.  I have been a Firefox user for 25 years.  Don't force me to Chrome.


Making moves

I'm having the same problem. It's not obvious what's causing this problem. It seems to happen on Linux as well. It seems to be happening a lot more on pages that are loading a lot of data.

Maybe Firefox is having some kind of problem with handling large data sets and cookies? What you described is eerily similar to my own problem.

Gonna bump this topic by adding my own computer/OS specs to narrow things down:

Linux Mint "Vanessa" 21.2 x86_64
kernel: 5.15.0-79 generic
XFCE 4.18
Firefox Version: 116.0.2