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Copy and paste

Making moves

With the new updates on outlook office, browser version, we can no longer use the function "paste", which is a huge drawback, since it is a very important function.

We really wish the function "paste", for obvious reasons, could be added back as soon as possible for better outlook office experience. 



For some period of time recently, Microsoft removed Paste from its little custom right-click context menu, but then it returned. If yours didn't return or isn't working, try overriding the site's custom context menu by holding down the Shift key when right-clicking. This should then show Firefox's normal right-click context menu with the usual Paste and Paste Without Formatting options (equivalent to Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Shift+V).

Huh? "Copy" and "Paste" are frequently greyed out on the right click menu after selecting the text you want to copy. Ctrl+V or P do nothing at all when this is going on. One has to exit everything, refresh everything, clear all cache and data, get logged out of everything, then it works again for about an hour or so before the problem comes right back. Reinstalling Firefox does nothing, Troubleshooting mode does nothing. Disabling/Removing extensions or add ons does nothing. Seeking help is pretty useless too.