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Comment submission to various websites is Erratic in Firefox NOT Chrome.

Making moves

Commenting to news articles via OpenWeb:

When I get an email telling me I've got a response to a comment that includes an embedded 'Reply To' button  and I then click on the 'Reply to ...' button, the Firefox browser opens a new Tab with the target page/article at the Comments section. The related target Comment will show for a second or two at the top of the Comment section for me to make a reply, but before I can, the page reloads(?) or the Comment section mysteriously jumps to the top of the Comment stack of most recent Comments, burying my desired Comment in preceding chronological Comment 'History' order, underneath the most recent Comment.  'My' Comment can then not be located without loading and sifting through 100's of more recent Comments.  Google Chrome doesn't do this--Chrome leaves me sitting right on top of the desired target Comment waiting for me to write my reply.

I know this sounds awful petty, but it annoys me.  So I decided to whine about it.