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CLAIM TO KNOW: Why my Firefox continuously trigger keep running too multiple processes?

Making moves

Why does my Firefox browser continuously trigger and keep running multiple strange .exe processes of unknown origin?

They also consumes unnecessary resources, to the point of taking up all my memory!

I have posted it several times with almost no responses.

I CLAIM, then, to know the reasons.

(It runs nowadays over Windows 10 with an Eset Smart Security Premium payed license!! ).


(It runs nowadays over Windows 10 with an Eset Smart Security Premium payed license!! ).


Making moves

I am running into the same problem.  I close my one (1) copy of Firefox I opened and then open up task manager and find 6 copies of it running in the background.  It is so frustrating that I am considering abandoning Firefox altogether.

Making moves

In "Settings" / "General" scroll down to 'Performance". The "Use recommended performance settings" was bogging down my win10 PC terribly. (System: Intel Core i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz). It's not for gaming, but not wimpy for surfing and very light office utilities. But Firefox with the "Use recommended performance settings" box checked was bogging down and freezing unless I manually cleared the cache every minute or 2. I am also using "adblock" and "ublock origin". The Task Manager always showed Firefox in RED with HIGH USAGE. It was so horrible that I started using EDGE browser for everything. I couldn't even go from one email log in to another with bogging down, freezing, clearing cache and sometimes using "Task Manager" to end Firefox! It was insane. After resetting to "Use hardware acceleration when available" the issue has greatly subsided, BUT, I still believe Firefox is using far more processing resources than before the implementation of those multiple processes all subdivided. I'm not tech, so I don't know what's going on in the background. I run "Bitdefender" and the PC scans always come back clean and clear, so I'm kinda guessing that Firefox is more of a resource hog than years past. Task Manager still shows there are 17 Firefox processes running, but at least it's now "Low" and "Very Low" resource usage. Anyway, hoping I can back down from the EDGE successfully now.



Other information
Several processes, running, it's normal, it's Electrolysis, e10s