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ChatGPT Firefox Extension doesn't work?

Making moves


Hi first off, I am no coder. But I asked ChatGPT as an experiment to write a FireFox extension that provided ChatGPT enhanced Google search results to make them more meaningful and rich. Attached are the results. It loads fine and does what appears to be a callback to ChatGPT for all search results to the OpenAI API via a private API key. (I'm not sure if you need a paid account to get this, but I have a paid account anyway.)


It has a settings tab (which I specified and a place to put your own API key in the settings. It also has a log function to log all search results that are sent to OpenAI. However the problem is that I can't really notice any difference between the CHATGPT enhanced results and the normal Google results. I don't know what I was expecting to see. Just something a bit more 'clever' than the normal Google results in FireFox. But can someone here please confirm that this code is working as intended?

With thanks.