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Changing Fonts

Making moves

My Thunderbird updated to version 115.3.3, apparently with many changes. Unfortunately, I don't like the font of the main index page. How do you change it?

Under Settings/General I find "Fonts and colors", but when cycling through the options, the sample that appears in the Default Font field does not change. And changing fonts there does nothing to the index page. Is that a bug maybe? What part of the interface is that font/size supposed to apply to?

Under View/Font Size there is Increase/Decrease/Reset and that works. It changes the font size, but still no way to change the actual font face.


Making moves

115.4.1 is even worse - the font is so small (and the style different) that I cannot read anything.  I had to increase the font size massively to be able to read anything.  They need to fix this mess or I am going to be forced to look for another email client.