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Change in Firefox download behavior

Making moves

The changes to how downloads are handled in Firefox version 98 (as detailed here: are TERRIBLE.  I very frequently need to view Excel, Word, or PDF files from the web without actually downloading them, and as of a few days ago, the "what should Firefox do with this file" dialog no longer appears and files just download without so much as a by-your-leave.  Now I not only have to take an extra step to open the file (yes, I know I can open it from the download icon on the toolbar, but that's still an extra step), but I have to go delete all the files I didn't want to actually download in the first place when I'm done.  And yes, I see that I can set behaviors for individual file types, but why should I have to spend my time doing that when a single dialog allowed me to choose at the time what I wanted to do with the file (and I don't necessarily want to have the same behavior for ALL Excel files or ALL pdfs - it depends on why I'm looking at the individual file at the time).

I can see where for SOME users, asking every time might be an unnecessary click, but since it's listed as a frequently asked question, clearly I'm not the only person for whom the "what should Firefox do with this file" was an integral part of my workflow.  You could have offered an option to turn it off for people who found it unnecessary, or at least offered an option to turn it back on for those of us who find it essential.  I STRONGLY urge you to add an option to re-enable this function in the next update.


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That didn't change anything.  It needs to act the way it did before this stupid change.  I swear these designers go out of their way to make our lives miserable.

In Preferences -> General, I have "Always ask you where to save files" turned on.
the is set to False
You can still change the action in the list of file types or just change the setting to always download to Downloads folder.

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Thanks.  I also set that to false in about:config, but it didn't change my experience.

Here's a link to what I'm experiencing.

Thanks.  I still think they should make an update so people can choose the download behavior they want in settings without having to mess with config, but I appreciate the work around so I can get it to work the way I want now.

Making moves

I also always have "Always ask you where to save files" selected, but Firefox now dumps my downloads into the Download folder anyway, without asking.  It also shows an annoying pop-up with download progress, even though I didn't click on the Download icon.

Did you also go to about:config and change is set to False?

Thank you!  That solved my two download issues.  It's a shame users have to make config changes to get Firefox to work as advertised.

Making moves

As someone who opens a lot of PDFs and other file types, this change is extremely frustrating and a quality of life killer. I hope the devs realize this and correct this change to go back to how it was before.

Go to about:config and change is set to False.

Making moves

I've been a Firefox user forever but will definitely switch browsers if the option to open (not download) a file goes away.


1) In Settings -> General, turn on "Always ask you where to save files"..

2) Go to about:config and change is set to False.

You can still change the Actions to Always Ask or Open in the list of file types.

@goober50north wrote:

1) In Settings -> General, turn on "Always ask you where to save files"..

2) Go to about:config and change is set to False.

You can still change the Actions to Always Ask or Open in the list of file types.

Thanks, but I know of the workaround. However having to do a workaround to go back to less a cumbersome behavior is bad UX on their part. Also the about:config solution may not always be there

Making moves

I too find the missing option "open with" on downloads a complete disaster. I do not want to downlaod and save all files. It takes spave and requires deletion at end of the day.

Please can we have the "open with" option returned to downloads.

Due to the volume of downloads I have had to revert to another browser.



Making moves

I don't want to download. I just want to view the file. I don't want to make choices by extension. I just want to view!!! I am sick of this. Two hours of my day wasted trying to get rid of this annoying garbage. I am tired of forced "improvements" on everything I use. I don't want nifty new "enhancements" on my alarm clock or anything else. I am busy. I want to make my choices about these mundane background processes and then go about my life. I want them to fold into the background and not worry about them again until I need to make an important choice. And no, this does not mean I asking Mozilla or anyone else to handle these choices for me. I guess it is time for one of those important choice. CHOOSE A NEW BROWSER!!!

I chose to use the workaround, because it made FF work the way it did, before, at the least the way I use it.

I am on the help desk for a software company, and many support request come in with .txt .pdf .png and .img attached.  I don't really care to save them, then reopen.  Although, there is always a copy goes to my Downloads folder, which happened before the FF update (I keep my downloads folder empty, so I just delete them all).

For personal use, I like to save .pdf files (bank statements, etc. different folders, so I like the option to puthem where I want.

Agree, time to change to another browser after years...

Making moves

any way for firefox to save a file, to same folder one last saved to > even with a file from another website?

Making moves

I hate this firefox. No matter what I do it still downloads PDF files and I don't want to save every PDF file. I just want to view them. This is so stupid why they changed it. I been using FF for along time and i hate to do it but about to start using MS Edge

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Thanks for the feedback. Our product teams have reviewed this thread, along with some similar ideas, and

this will be fixed in an upcoming release (102). Please feel free to follow along on Bugzilla for more info or stay tuned here 😃

Related idea: Choose how Firefox handles the files you download from the web. 

Making moves

Nothing has been changed.

I'm thinking about switching to the Chrome browser. Because there, I can work in my online services without running a race with the mouse. Really sad.