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[bug/feature request/question] keybinding for moving up and down a line (like up and down arrows)

Making moves

You can press the up and down arrows to move up and down a row in your inbox. I want to rebind this to j and k (which is standard in Evince, the online Gmail client, neovim and other programs). I am on Thunderbird version 115.6.0 (64-bit).

The internet told me to install the extension tbkeys. There they say that you can map e.g. "k" to this


however, this does not work. In the developer console (ctrl+shift+I), window.document.getElementById('threadTree') returns null. I can see it in the view, but somehow I cannot access it through javascript.

I can use a simple built-in command nextMsg, but if there's a thread, it opens it. I don't want it to open, I want to scroll one line down or up. That is different.

So either I did something wrong and in that case please tell me how to rebind it properly. Or I didn't and it's just not possible.

In that case, I think the easiest solution would be to implement two more simple commands, maybe call them nextThread and previousThread that would do the same as up and down arrows? (and also simple commands for expanding and collapsing the current thread would be nice as well)