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Better Mobile Bookmarks

Making moves

For reference, I use Firefox on Android... And I utilize the bookmarks function of any browser I happen to be using quite a bit. In the past, this has been Chrome, but I am trying to make the switch to using Firefox more instead, as on paper I prefer it for several reasons. The bookmarks function on desktop Firefox are a dream – just as easy to organize and view as they are in Chrome, and there's even a built-in separator, so it is actually one step above Chrome in that regard.

However, the Firefox mobile bookmarks experience in comparison is awful. Here are some suggestions I have to make it better.

  • Allow the re-arranging of bookmarks. This is a huge one. There's no way to perform the basic action of moving one bookmark above or below another.
  • Please, let some bookmarks remain nameless. In the mobile version of Chrome, bookmarks without a name given to them remain nameless, though the URL is displayed as a "subtitle" of sorts. On mobile Firefox, if a bookmark has no name, the URL is forcibly made the name of the bookmark.
  • I'm not sure why, but pretty much none of my bookmarks on mobile Firefox retain the graphic icons of their respective sites. This makes it very difficult to quickly and visually identify a bookmark, and is also just sort of ugly to look at. I feel as though this should be improved.
  • The bookmark separators applied in the desktop version of Firefox should be retained in the mobile version somehow. In Chrome, I got around the issue of separation by bookmarking a site specifically intended to be a bookmarks separator; because Chrome allows bookmarks to be nameless, the icon for the site served as the separator. This workaround cannot work in mobile Firefox because of the aforementioned "no nameless bookmarks" issue.

All of these problems (the first and second especially) keep me from using Firefox consistently, because the experiences and ease of use between desktop and mobile are not consistent. I hope that mobile Firefox eventually gets the same attention in the QOL department that desktop Firefox seems to get!


Making moves

Right this would be super useful especially the ability to organize mobile bookmarks in Firefox Android

Making moves

Have you noticed it too?

We cannot create our own bookmarks in the settings by entering the URL and the name.  We can simply bookmark pages that we have just visited.

Yeah I noticed that too the only way around that is to edit an existing bookmark and copy and past a different URL & change the description.

Making moves

Yes, at the very least, dragging bookmarks to rearrange them should have been a standard feature from the get-go, and yet, this many years later, it was still never implemented. I don't like having to move bookmarks to another folder and then back again just to put bookmarks in the order that I want them. This should be something easy to implement, shouldn't it?

For now I've been either force quiting the firefox app before oraginizing my mobile Firefox bookmarks using my laptop. Or creating A-Z folders and choosing which folder to save the favorites in when editing bookmarks in the app.