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Be one step greater than Google - adblockers.

Making moves

Google will disable adblockers. They do bad, but it has some possitive aspects, like greater security. Why? Because nothing could be men-in-the-middle and inject one's uri.


What you can do? Best solution to allow use adblocker and stay secure could be force adblockers to register and inform user about that once it register (in most cases, when browser started). Also inform user (in left-bottom text) about each case it block site or replace uri.


Also, inform user how to disable this adblocker, when user hover about information text. Also clicking information text will deny action. When user try to deny action, dialog will appear allowing additionally send information to Mozilla. Of course, action performing by adblocker should be done as soon as possible, so user do not deny, but could order to action be done either adblocker block/change it.


Use case:

1. I send query to, some negative adblocker will change uri to

2. Text was displayed some_adblocker change uri from into .

3. User click the text, so good query was send to google

4. Popup will be displayed allowing send action information to Mozilla security team


I known, that it will be hard handle good  action in ajax use-case.  This case is to be to discuss. Maybe just slow-down ajax action send into different domain?