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'Automated Language Translation'

Making moves

First of all, it is NOT automated nor automatic - you have to MANUALLY select the option. I even had to Google how to find the thing !

Secondly it is ridiculously slow ! It took >30 seconds to translate the front page of Spanish Wikipedia !

Thirdly it doesn't even support Chinese or Japanese !



Making moves

Firefox users must suffer. They think so! Oflline translation! WHY? The browser is for internet! Why should I install all languages if I use e.g. Polish once in my life? Please turn on your brains sometimes!

Why offline translation? Because most of the time, free online translators won't help you with translating neither an order cart nor a login-protected page.

No free service will help you translate tons of text with an API that they can't monetize by framing the site intended for translation. And they can't frame and translate private or session-dependant parts of a website.