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After seeing your....

Making moves

After seeing your "equal opportunity" affirmative action/ free stuff communist staff politically charged profile pictures. I am 110% sure Fire Fox is some more of the same old world economic forum treason for hire "non-essential" corporate mafia shenanigans. Which is a shame because I have been using FF for about 15 years or so now and will no longer be able to. Overly opinionated feelings based NPCs with limp wrists and unisex bowl haircuts artificially "empowered" fraudsters for profit. Our government and corporate welfare structure is absolutely full of em. I have exceptional patter recognition, I even suspect some of your staff to be IDF or dual citizens Israelis carrying out an information insurgency on the US citizenry and their God given rights just by looking at them. NO WAY, they will be around my information for long. Regardless of how "qualified" our defector dual citizen Israeli US government mandates them. These phenotypes and social circles aren't up to snuff and society will suffer no matter how much you lower the standards for everyone but white men. Its been real FF NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXT!