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After releasing the left mouse button, the elements in the webpage still move with the mouse

Making moves
Hello, developer team. While using Firefox, I noticed that some web pages can not drag progress bars or frames of web elements. I realized this problem and tried to change browsers, but the same problem did not occur in other browsers. What happens is, I click on a point in the page and release the mouse, but the point still moves with my mouse, other browsers only change the position of the element when the left mouse button is pressed. The relevant webpage is: On Page, after I click play, I pull a progress bar, release the left button, and move the mouse left and right, but the music still fast-forwards. At clicked the drog-area send tab, and even after releasing the left mouse button, the dialog continued to move with the mouse. This is also the case on other web pages. Several iterations of Firefox still have this problem. I hope the team can update and fix this problem in time. Thank you very much.