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adress autocomplete suggestion

Making moves

I changed to Firefox from Chrome after they started adding a "suggestion" feature where it showed random company names above my history and autocomplete.

After the last update on firefox (v. 117) something similar is happening with Firefox' autocomplete function. It autocompletes to main pages above my history. This is really frustrating because I have to either find my page by scrolling through "suggestions" or write the whole address.

A specific example is, I always visit the same subreddit and never visit reddit's main page. However, after the autocomplete roll out I end up on reddits main page by mistake again and again. Without any way to force the autocomplete to fill in the subbreddit's page I visit daily instead of the main page.

The support's page claim that I can remove some addresses by shift+delete, it does not work on this top suggestions. I can delete other pages below. Not the top one that is autocompletes. '

One solution suggested is to completely disable address bar suggestions completely. It removes a huge convenience and makes using fire fox frustrating and time consuming.

Just in case someone asks, I have checked that if it is my search engine suggesting websites, and it is not. (I use duckduckgo)

Anyone else get frustrated with this "Feature"? And does anyone have any suggestions (pardon the pun) on how to avoid that pesky top suggestion?


Making moves

UP please

Dear Firefox Team,

I suggest adding a feature to Firefox for automatically saving and pre-filling form data, similar to Chrome. This would enhance user convenience by reducing repetitive manual entry and streamline the browsing experience.

Thank you for considering this addition.

Best regards,