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Address book troubles

Making moves

I like very much the new design of the address book - and "new" means for me currently (on Ubuntu 20.04LTE): Version 102.2.2.

But one old problem is still very poorly solved: the way how email addresse find their way into the address field of an email to be written!


- I receive a mail and want to forward it to somebody else - present in the address book. I can start typing the name, and I will see a list of addresses popping up - but somehow the one that I need is rarely among these proposed persons. No idea what the logic is here! It cannot be that there is some "intelligence" proposing names that I often used, because exactly these tend to be NOT present.

- I can now go to the address book and find the name I need. I search for the name, and with the current new design I am getting a very nice overview about the information I have stored. Plus 4 options: "Write" "Event" "Search" and "Edit". What is missing: Something like "Copy name and mail address to clipboard", because that would be the second-best way to get it now into my forwarded mail. But no: This is not possible!

- Only one thing is possible now: I click on "Write" - and I receive a blank mail for that person. Then I "copy" the name and mail from that blank email, close it again, and paste it into the mail that I want to send.

I could imagine many possible ways how this could be much easier! But Thunderbird has such troubles already for a very long time, at least for many years since I am using it.

Am I really the only one who sometimes wants to enter an email address from the address book into the list of recipients of a mail that I am about to write?

Best regards, Cornelis


Making moves

I have the same problem too, but also, in TBird 102.3.3, the addresses all display and I can scroll down with no problem, but in 102.4.0, as soon as I try to scroll down, only the top 4 or 5 addresses show and below that is one email address expanded to show details and I have to scroll down in a tiny panel above that, making it hard to visually search the list. Is there any way of turning that panel off or making it smaller?