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Address bar auto-highlight text

Familiar face

When you write something on address bar, click outside or change window/program/whatever and then click again on the address bar to write again you delete the whole text you wrote as it highlights it all automatically, how's annoying 😠? Specially when you write complex text or long search topics, or, even better, links that you can't copy and paste from pictures or other sources that don't allow text-copying 😤.


Making moves

I personally like it this way cause you can start a new query easily without having to select all and deleting first.

If you accidentally delete the text you can bring it back using the undo shortcut (Ctrl+z). Some keyboard apps like Gboard do this too by having the recently deleted text on the toolbar.

(Alt+d) and (Ctrl+l) already highlights the adress bar, which is much more convenient than moving the cursor to type a new query or url.
The impossibility to disable the Auto-highlight of the adress bar when clicking on it is a real flaw, Moz Foundation should fix it !
Instead, Sebastian Simon gave a very complete (and complex) method to bypass this issue, modifying the omni.ja file.