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Access Denied

Making moves

I received an email from this site with a link to a thread.  The link brought me to a login page.  The login page directed me to this

Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 11-00-26 Access Denied - Mozilla Connect.png







I see that sometimes when I try to use old links from my history. I'm not sure what would normally appear there that is no longer available. ??

Hi jscher200

For me I was expecting the homepage here after logging in.





Making moves

Hi 🙂

I get this error when I click on a link in my notification feed.


The date of the notification is 2023-07-17 01:16 AM

The link text is "Re: Add feature to right click menu on a url/link ..."

The link is


When I search for "Add feature to right click menu", I don't find any similar idea.


Is it possible to get more details on what happened, please ? 🙂


RAPID maintainer