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A very unsatisfied customer

Making moves

Dear Mozilla,

I am very concerned how difficult you have made it to provide feedback.  As I was raised, gaining feedback is the most important thing a business can do.  Why should I join up your forum to do that and then post publicly?  That is not right.

My complaint is that, unlike Microsoft and Chrome, when the browser is closed (either by power outage or other reason), there is no tab that says "Restore Session" . I had a window open up from an email, before I had reopened the Firefox browser from a restart, and that totally lost all of my tabs.  Short of going back through all the history I've just lost all those tabs.

I have loved firefox for years, and used it because one of our adult children said it is excellent.  I am drifting more and more to Microsoft though.  They restore tabs.  That's a basic courtesy of any platform.  You probably couldn't care losing one person.  So be it.

Even on the right of this box, it says:   If you need help with a technical or performance issue, visit Mozilla Support.

That just takes me to a random other page that I have to try and wade through.  It feels like the lyrics of an Eagles Song.  Can't get away from (a page) it just keeps returning on every click.