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'' new version of ..'' don't you think this IS a privacy issue?

Making moves

this update thing... yeah i know: ''the web turned to a very ..'' true. but many times i  think this  is one of long list's items  that are used by ''the you'' for entering my private space though you keep on and on about my privacy. it bugs me: every week- if not every 5 days- i must have you cyan dot  on top corner of my monitor... please!! there are too many hypocrisy are in action in the web. recently i searched for free something and every one of results _''free'' ones_ was not free. one of them was real masterpiece: ''EVERY FREE THING IS NOT FREE''...such a shy boy... in persian we have a metaphor: the aligator's tears, when who are eating you cry for your pain..i.e. ''antivirus men'' in the end you ARE better from most of them exactly like most of people are very_very_more good looking THAN ME...but it not enough for being good looking.

SINCERELY YOURS(!! guess what? ME TOO)(a hypocrite i mean)