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121.0.1 useless : "XYZ is slowing down firefox", links stop working, etc..

Making moves


After a few seconds, links stop working, FF starts complaining about uBlock and LastPass slowing firefox down.

Didn't happen before 121.0.1.


Making moves

I have massive slowdown.  I had to restart firefox to post this and only came here and created account to report it. Not sure what's going on but happened right after update. YouTube video is where it shows up for me but is likely overall responsiveness. Even typing was lagging. I need to roll back to prior version. Only 1 tab with this page is 12 Firefox processes and over 1 GB RAM.



My feedback and clarification

Dedicated profiles per Firefox installation

What happens if I have more than one installation of Firefox?
Some users have multiple installations of Firefox, each in separate program folders. Firefox uses a dedicated profile for each installation of Firefox, including Nightly, Beta, Developer Edition and Extended Support Release (ESR) installations. This makes Firefox more stable when switching between installations on the same computer, and also allows you to run different Firefox installations at the same time.

Dedicated profiles per Firefox installation other illustration

On the left Firefox Release 121.0.1 - Firefox ESR 115.6.0 on the right

Please, right-click in the screenshot, open screenshot in new tab, then click in the screenshot, thank you


@TB2 wrote:

 I need to roll back to prior version

Index of /pub/firefox/releases
Index of /pub/firefox/releases

Making moves

Same here, but it's any page at but it is *any* search result page that causes the slowdown.  This began happening / was noticed immediately after updating to 12.0.1 Windows 64-bit Firefox.  I have not noticed it on any site other than so far.